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T-800 Head Model

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If you would like to print this model yourself, you can use the thingiverse link in the description below, and that will take you to the model page.

This model comes with 6 files, but you only print four. There are two versions for the main portion of the head, and the neck/stand piece. I used version 2 of each.

These pieces were printed on an un-modded Anet A6 printer with Hatchbox PLA.

The model was sliced using Simplify 3D. If you have questions about what settings I used, please check out this article.

Some of the issues I ran into while printing this model were some minor shrinkage on the areas were the head comes together. The head back, and the head shrunk at the seam, but this may be a product of the filament, or how my printer was setup at the time. This was not something I spent time trying to solve. I did try adding modpodge to the seam to try and mask that it was there, and it did not make a huge difference, but is did help the top part of the head come together a bit more seamlessly. 1670365870_T800Head_9.thumb.JPG.01d4b9810fbdb58f39e07d8b9bd6c3cf.JPG2120013216_T800Head_8.thumb.JPG.c97914dcd2b9a76153bb1aef17f0b4d0.JPGAdmitidly I could have spent more post work time on fixing this seam, but I was not that concerned about it as it will mainly sit on my shelf for display until it is replaced, modded, or given away.

I could have spent more time trying testing the seam pieces to make them fit more cleanly before printing the full model, and avoid any issue in the first place.

I also decided to try and print the base on a raft and ended up having a delamination issue while removing the base from the raft. I could have filled this with bondo, or epoxy to cover up the mistake, but since this was on the bottom of the model I chose against it.


Some of the things I disliked about this model.

Some of the details compared to the actual movie prop are missing. One key thing for me is the CPU compartment is missing in the front right part of the skull. Kind of like the modeler used the mirror function but didn’t finish adding in the actual details of the top right part of the head.1989732295_T800Head_7.thumb.JPG.05156ec8d832be22c44b4f5fb2fc0ab6.JPGt800.jpg

I also wish that the teeth had a bit more detail like the movie prop. That is one reason I did not go to the trouble of painting them white.1799502978_T800Head_2.thumb.JPG.9dcfcf794ab4a81d34a57fc5eec706be.JPG1251231677_T800Head_1.thumb.JPG.7c803d3c8c2d74ea06826069b7e6dc8b.JPG1505192305_T800Head.thumb.JPG.3fa219209c91afa237fba11a8d19402a.JPG

I also wish the model was a bit more rounded off on some of the edges.

Some of the things I love about this model are that the eyes are already modeled with holes for LEDs. I also like that this model is held together with some hardware that makes it easy to take apart and add electronics later, or change the electronics in it at a later date as well. With the wholes, and the compartment inside the model, I can drill out the holes to make a passthrough to the internal compartment, and add LEDs at a later date.1076088430_T800Head_10.thumb.JPG.5a795c022fec9cd956b3353d4db33c86.JPG
I also like the level of detail in the model, and the T-800 stamp on the base. It makes it look like a part of a scientists collection of prototypes. Admittedly my paint job on it doesn’t haha! But if you port a bit more elbow grease into this model than I did, you could come out with a pretty awesome show piece!

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