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T-800 Head Model 2

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I know I have already talked about a 3D Printed Terminator skull, but today this one is a bit different.

This is a 1-piece model excluding the CPU core insert link in the description. I scaled this model up by about 30%.

This was printed on my Anet A6 3D Printed that is stock besides the headed bed being soldered to the corresponding wires.

I sliced this model using Simplify 3D

This was printed with Hatchbox PLA in white.

The first print I did I ran out of filament during the print and this happened…. Not pretty. I had also wanted to try printing it on a raft, and this made me notice that my raft settings are not correct for being able to easily separate the model and the raft. I chose to not print the next model with a raft.

We will mix up some thermite later and see what happens when you light it over the failed model. Haha

To finish this model, I tried XTC 3D for the first time. It was interesting how well it came out after only 1 coat. I could have done 2 coats, but I chose against it.

After the XTC 3D resin cured I began airbrushing the model with a gloss black dust coat, a gloss black base coat, a couple chrome primary coats, then finished up with a couple coats of gloss clear.

it does have a sort of glossy metallic finish to it after this. I think adding some stainless-steel powder to the XTC 3D may have gotten a better result.

I wish I would have taken the time to mess with the infill settings per layer so it would not take up so much filament.

Some dislikes, the original size of the model is so small and needs to be scaled up to more of a reasonable size. I also do not like that this model prints in one very large chunk. I could have split the model up to resolve this concern though, but it’s nice to have a pre-split model for convenience of printing. But that’s not always why we have a 3D Printer. I do not like that the model is solid, and has no movable parts. The jaw opening, or the neck articulating would be really cool.

I do like the details on the model. The top of the head looks truer to the movie.

You can print an insertable CPU core for this model that you could tinker with. Maybe it activates a magnetic switch to turn on some LEDs that you place in the eyes. You could also add in a cool voice track, or sound track to play when it’s activated. Maybe Arnold saying something like (I’m back).

 There are so many cool opportunities that you have with this model.

Even though this one does not have any movable parts, the fact that it has that removable CPU core adds a lot of cool options to your project.

If you print this model and mod it out, make sure to e-mail us email at or share it on our Forum at

3D Model

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